Yachts & Cruisers provides project management and building supervision for superyachts from A to Z, starting at defining the concept and functionalities, preparation and construction phase, up to the delivery of the ultimate superyacht. We operate globally for both clients and shipyards, where ever the projects does take us. Our head office is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

Our team of experienced professionals has the complementary skills and is committed to giving the client a carefree building process from conception until delivery. We are your single point of contact, ensuring clear lines of communications.

We believe that vessels need to be future-proof designed, and build to service our clients best. Innovation, ergonomics, comfort, elegance and design are key words in our approach.



Our services are based on our in-house knowledge of emerging technologies, proven applications, and the regulatory environment, in combination with an integrated approach to bring the appropriate skill-sets for each specific project together. This is what makes us unique in the industry.

With our roots in the offshore industry, we understand the importance of quality, HSE-criteria and efficiency. Our multi-disciplinary project teams of naval architects, engineers,E&A specialists, regulatory experts, and ex-seagoing personnel have up-to-date knowledge of the newest technological advancements (such as propulsion technologies, including LNG and hybrid-drive and) and maritime rules and regulations that are applicable to ships sailing in high-demanding areas such as the Polar Code.

Our range of activities:


  • Engineering management
  • Yard selection & contract management
  • New building, refits and conversion management
  • Technical support & Consultancy

Cruise ships

  • A to Z project management & building supervision services

From experience, we know that the functionalities of the ship, its future operations, associated logistics, and the desired user experience of the passengers on board are elementary to its success. Therefore, we find it essential to have effective project and interface management to effectuate a smooth building process, and to assure that the elementary requirements are correctly constructed and applied. 

We offer project management and building supervision for the entire building process from a client’s perspective. Based on our extensive experience, Yachts & Cruisers ensures solid preparations, risk-mitigation, and appropriate scoping of the new-building process, to deliver projects on time and on budget.



To achieve the best results for our clients’ superyacht or cruise ship, our teams include specialists with present-day knowledge of the latest innovations, technologies, rules and regulations, and trends in the industry. For demanding projects, we can team with reliable partners, being either designers or shipyards.

We aim for a sublime finish, both for the interior and exterior as for the integrated techniques and interfaces. In earlier projects that we successfully completed, we worked together with world-class designers and shipyards.

Examples of ‘basic essentials’ that are incorporated in our way of working, are the alignment of interfaces, optimisation of work scopes and simultaneous operations, integration of systems and platforms, and the incorporation of various back-up systems to ensure optimal uptime and utilisation, whilst taking into account ships functionalities, nature of operations and required user experience.

In addition, we have detailed knowledge of maritime and offshore rules and regulations, as well as applicable health & safety and environmental standards for superyachts and cruise ships, which we incorporate whilst translating our clients’ wishes into technical, functional and operational requirements. Integrity and reliability are self-evident to us.



It is our goal to add value through the entire value-chain from conception until delivery of  our clients’ superyacht or cruise ship. Through the elegant balance between clients’ requirements and our knowledge and operational experience, we believe we can ensure the optimum design, functionality, maximum uptime and user experience whilst minimising life cycle costs and enlarging the market value of the ship itself.